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No mowing or watering—a Yard or Golf Green That’s Too Good to be True Thanks to Rymar Turf, Canada’s Largest Turf Provider

Imagine a lawn that is so lush and green, and it never needs to be cut or watered! This dream lawn (or putting green) can be a reality thanks to Rymar Turf, Canada’s largest supplier of artificial turf. Rymar Turf is the Official Turf Partner of the Golf Town Golf & Travel Show happening February 2-4 at Mississauga’s International Centre.

“We are the largest suppliers of artificial turf with a 15 plus year history of serving commercial and residential clients including the golf industry, home builders, designers and others,” says Corey Ukroenz, Director of Rymar North America. “We have four major warehouses and showrooms across Canada, in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver as well as over 500 contractors and dealer networks and six locations in the United States. Our turf is used at golf courses to create putting greens, at sports complexes, day cares and for residential use by new home builders as well as homeowners. Backyard putting greens have become immensely popular and you can create your own 3- or 4-hole course or a full-scale putting green in your backyard using our artificial grass.”

Corey has been in the turf business over 25 years and says he is amazed by how realistic artificial grass has become. If you don’t see your neighbour cutting their grass—ever—and it looks picture-perfect, chances are it’s Rymar Grass.

“Our grass comes in a variety of colours and varieties for all types of properties and needs,” states Corey. “We have a very vibrant, lush grass that’s dark green and grass that has two or three green tones in it that replicates real grass. We also have shorter pile grass that’s ideal for pet areas. The turf looks amazingly realistic.”

Seeing is believing so Corey covered his entire yard at his former home in Rymar Grass. “It was a smaller sized yard, and we have a 75-pound lab and we found that the turf really helped prevent muddy paws and mess in the house,” he explains. “The kids could be outside playing in sock feet in nice weather from early spring to late fall. When it’s rainy and real grass is soppy and wet, the turf creates a fast-draining system which dried quickly. Homeowners love our grass because it extends the season considerably.”

New home builders and designers are also taking advantage of many attributes of Rymar turf. “New homes are often built on 30’ x 30’ lots and there’s not much space between the homes, so new home builders are using low-maintenance turf which never needs to be mowed or watered. Many designers as also using our turf in their backyard designs as it’s an ideal surface to use around pools. You can also create stepping stones or inlay turf with stones in an artistic pattern which is difficult to do with real grass.”

Installing turf involves removing the real grass and creating a clean soil and stone base on which to lay the artificial turf. “Our turf comes with a 15-year warranty and some artificial grass can last 20 to 25 years,” adds Corey. “The advantage of artificial turf is that you are giving much-needed time back to yourself. You save time cleaning muddy pet paws; you save time by not needing to mow the lawn; you save water, and you are saving emissions by not having a lawn mower.”

Rymar Grass is just one of the many products offered by the company. They also feature Rymar Rubber flooring for use at gyms, daycares and other facilities, along with artificial trees and plants and cork material for both indoor and outdoor use. To better serve the golf industry, the company stocks a full line of golf accessories including cup holders, markers, ball washers and other products.

Rymar is an active community supporter in the areas they serve. “Over the years we have sponsored countless sports clubs and regularly donate products to certain charities as well as supporting the annual Ride to Help Conquer Cancer,” adds Corey. “What makes me most proud is that we are Canada’s largest supplier for artificial turf backed by a highly trained team who take pride in being Number One in service and products. And that we built an industry that didn’t exist at one time. Through our products we have helped the industry in Canada grow to the point where our products can be found in all major landscape stores. We have helped grow this industry from nothing to the amazing success we are experiencing today.”

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