Sweet and Secluded Sequin Valley

By Peter Robinson


I was flying over Seguin Valley GC last summer and it hit me: blessed and fortunate to have had many experiences travelling with clubs in tow, the view looking down at the golf course I knew I was going to playing the next day was one of the best I’ve witnessed.


And it was located just two hours from Toronto and an hour from where I grew up.


The layout is just outside Parry Sound and within relative spitting distant of the rocky shoreline of Georgian Bay to the west and the Muskoka lakes of cottage fame to the east.


The land could be anything: a cottage paradise, a birdwatcher’s haven, a boater’s dream, or a hiker’s nirvana.


It’s none of those; Seguin Valley is a golf course.


Your humble agent first visited here about a decade ago when the facility was under previous ownership. The thought never left me: how did they ever create a golf course on such unforgiving and yet beautiful property?


Ten years on, the effect is the same driving into the parking lot that is now lorded over by a new log clubhouse.


You know the way a beautiful woman forces you to turn your head and leaves you just a tiny bit frustrated she didn’t look back? That’s how I felt returning for the first time, and I had to keep reminding myself that it was not polite to stare.


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