Interesting Facts About Golf

Golf is played all over the globe. Golf is one of the world’s oldest sports, boasting a rich history. Golf is a sport of skill, that can involve not only athletic prowess but also brain power. Here are some interesting facts about the game.

  • To this date, golf is only one of two games to be played on the moon. The other is a javelin throw.
  • Long before the advent of tees, golfers played off of hand-built sand piles.
  • In 1889, Ab Smith inadvertently coined the phrase “birdie,” when he hit a shot he defined as a “bird of a shot.”
  • Making a hole-in-one during a round of golf is quite a challenge. However, the odds of making two are incredibly low, at one in 64 million.
  • Only around 20 percent of golfers have a handicap below 18. The United States Golf Teachers Federation defines handicap as “a measure of a player’s current ability over an entire round of golf, signified by a number. The lower the number, the better the golfer is.”
  • The word “caddy” comes from “cadet,” the French word for “student.”
  • A regulation golf ball contains 336 dimples.

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