Adjusting a golf swing gets easier

Golfers rejoice! Those dreaded slices or hooks could become a thing of the distant past thanks to adjustable clubs and drivers. In addition to helping improve accuracy, adjustable clubs also lighten the load in your golf bag.

With a few twists of a wrench or even turning the shaft of the driver itself, golfers can adjust the face angle, loft and lie angle of the driver to hit the ball farther and straighter. Golfers can make small adjustments to create the right loft and improve distance without having to purchase a new club or visit a club fitter.

Many club manufacturers now offer adjustable drivers and other clubs. According to an informal poll on, 34 percent of the 2,337 respondents owned an adjustable driver by the end of 2011. The ability to upgrade shafts has also become popular as golfers respond to what the pros are doing.

Adjustable golf clubs enable golfers to walk out onto the course with one driver and a few different shafts. With a couple of clicks from a wrench, a person can have an entirely new driver. That cuts down on the equipment that needs to be carried and can fine tune a golfer’s accuracy. These high-tech clubs are corresponding to changes being made to golf balls. Engineers have reduced the spin on golf balls to help the balls travel farther. To do so, golf experts advise that the ball needs to be hit higher into the air. Adjustable drivers can give players the edge they need to produce the right height and trajectory.

According to data from golf club manufacturer TaylorMade, 70 percent of consumers who use the company’s adjustable drivers adjust their club at least once to get the desired shot. Afterward, 10 to 15 percent of adjustable driver users report further adjustments as they become comfortable with the features.

Although golfers can now put adjustments into their own hands, it is still advisable to get a professional fitting regardless of which clubs are chosen. A certified club fitter can help a person sort through the myriad options available and make recommendations based on various factors, including the golf ball used.

Those who are not fans of adjustable drivers say that the adjustment mechanisms add weight to the drivers, which can compromise efficiency. However, that isn’t stopping larger numbers of golf fans from taking adjustable drivers for a trial run in an effort to improve their game.


– Metro Creative Graphics